Hard Metals Australia has an extensive range of innovative products utilizing both tungsten carbide polycrystalline diamond (PCD & PDC) material.
Our products include agricultural points and tillage tools, for HDD specialised pilot and hole opening tools, for construction and mining conical picks and foundation drilling tools and other special engineered wear parts which require tungsten carbide.
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Many of our WearMaster products feature weld-on blocks to substantially change their shape and add heavy protection against impact and wear. Weld-on blocks are available for purchase so you can do it yourself if you already own points that need additional coverage. These come in a range of sizes and feature a heavy duty steel alloy base with strategic tungsten carbide protection. They are designed to be easy to weld with setups that many farmers already own. Generously preheat both your part and the weld on block before welding for best results.

Required fasteners are included with product purchase. Additional fasteners can be purchased if needed.