Wearmaster Tillage Tools

Hard Metals Australia has an extensive range of innovative products utilizing both tungsten carbide polycrystalline diamond (PCD & PDC) material.
Our products include agricultural points and tillage tools, for HDD specialised pilot and hole opening tools, for construction and mining conical picks and foundation drilling tools and other special engineered wear parts which require tungsten carbide.
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Hard Metals Australia has a rich history of designing and manufacturing after market wear-resistant tillage tools.

Our WearMaster range consists of long lasting tillage attachments for most popular farming machines in the Australian market.

Our FlexiFit range works on an adapter designed for changeout speed and ease of use. Our adapters bolt on to most machines, and any point in the range fits the adapter with a simple roll-pin.

Laboratory testing has shown tungsten carbide has over 50 times the wear life of hardened steel. Our design engineers, often in consultation with in-the-field farmers, identify the weak areas of tillage tools and strategically add tungsten carbide. This keeps points affordable and drastically increases tool lifetime.

Drawings use red to represent tungsten carbide tiling. All measurements are in millimetres.