Agricultural Tillage Tools

Hard Metals Australia has an extensive range of innovative products utilizing both tungsten carbide polycrystalline diamond (PCD & PDC) material.
Our products include agricultural points and tillage tools, for HDD specialised pilot and hole opening tools, for construction and mining conical picks and foundation drilling tools and other special engineered wear parts which require tungsten carbide.
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Tungsten has been used for industrial applications since Osram commercialised the element for electric light bulb filaments in the 1920’s. Used extensively since then in a range of applications including metal cutting tools and rock tools, it was not until the 1980s tungsten carbide was applied to tillage tools. Starting in a small way and used by some Australian farmers who had particularly abrasive conditions, it was eventually adopted by Australian agricultural tillage tool manufacturers around 1990. Hard Metals was a major contributor through development of reliable brazing methods and carbide grades for the application.. Successful trials undertaken at the University of South Australia in around the same time provided a further boost for the adoption of tungsten carbide as a wear prevention mechanism..

Most tillage tools on the world market today are now tungsten carbide protected. This was an Australian innovation and one we can be justifiably proud of.

Hard Metals Australia have a wealth of experience to draw from in designing and manufacturing tungsten carbide protected agricultural points. What follows is our standard product line. For special or OEM enquiries, please contact the office direct.